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Pacifica Products

 I recently came across Pacifica Solid Perfume in the past few months. I ordered the Persian Rose and Indian Coconut Nectar Lotion Wipes and this is my review of both products. The scent is wonderful. However, it does not last long at all. It's gone in an hour. If you don't want to reapply it that… Continue reading Pacifica Products

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Aura Cacia Scents of Balance: Muladhara

  Aura Cacia is currently running a polished marketing campaign for their new roll on aromatherapy line based on the 7 chakras. Scents of Balance has great tips and ideas on their Chakra Journey Blog Their rolls on appear to be reasonably priced but they are a few dollars more than I would have expected depending on the retailer,… Continue reading Aura Cacia Scents of Balance: Muladhara

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Push to ban microbeads from cosmetics gets a second wind

What are Microbeads? Without getting deep into the science behind their creation, microbeads are uniform polymer particles, typically 0.5 to 500 micrometres in diameter. Bio-reactive molecules can be adsorbed or coupled to their surface, and used to separate biological materials such as cells, proteins, or nucleic acids. What this means is that microbeads could be… Continue reading Push to ban microbeads from cosmetics gets a second wind

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Brian Vessel Cargo

I found the most AWESOME new venture thru Kickstarter. The project received it's funding at the end of January and now has a website. Brian Vessel Cargo I just paid around $21.00 for a Seven Seas Bicycle Playing Cards Deck and I totally am tickled I got in on this! Love them! I am not… Continue reading Brian Vessel Cargo

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Wisdom for the Summer

Osho the Zen Teacher was asked "What is the difference between Tantric Sex and Normal Sex?" This was his response: Your sex act and the tantric sex act are basically different. Your sex act is to relieve; it is just like sneezing out a good sneeze. The energy is thrown out and you are unburdened.… Continue reading Wisdom for the Summer

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Purging the Wardrobe: Let the sorting begin

  After six years it's that time. I have accumulated a stockpile of clothing that exceeds my needs. The question is, what to keep and what to sell and what to give away or donate. The prospect is overwhelming at the moment. I have a double closet overflowing, full dresser(s) and clothing piled on the floor… Continue reading Purging the Wardrobe: Let the sorting begin

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Welcome Saxon-Heart: Spa and Wellness Charitable Organization!

    Saxon-Heart is a Charity based out of New York, NY. I took a few moments to ask some basic questions of their founder Heidi Burkhardt. You have partnered with ISPA. I noticed that Chef Pedro received a new suit as part of his makeover. How does this element of fashion relate to the… Continue reading Welcome Saxon-Heart: Spa and Wellness Charitable Organization!

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Borderlands of Heath and Wellness

Hello Everyone! I have actually begun to do some freelancing work in the Wellness category and have decided it's high time I created a 'professional blog' strictly for professional purposes. And so....I have created Borderlands of Health and Wellness I have already created three pages of documents on Wellness Topics there but they are not… Continue reading Borderlands of Heath and Wellness

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A Bit of History about General Wiliam Giles Harding Carter

 A Cock, scratching the ground for something to eat, turned up a Jewel that had by chance been dropped there. "Ho!" said he, "a fine thing you are, no doubt, and, had your owner found you, great would his joy have been. But for me, give me a single grain of corn before all the… Continue reading A Bit of History about General Wiliam Giles Harding Carter

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KohGenDo Spa Cleansing Water

From the KohGenDo website: Gently remove even waterproof makeup and skin impurities in a single sweep with mineral-rich Cleansing Water. From the Yumura Hot Springs in Izumo, Japan, comes pure water, rich with skin-absorbing nutrients, to replenish and rejuvenate as it cleanses. White Birch Sap, harvested only three weeks in early spring, contributes an abundance… Continue reading KohGenDo Spa Cleansing Water