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Clearing the air: scent and spa

The human sense of smell is profound. Not that long ago, the olfactory system was subject to a very different cornacoupia than we have available to us today. We are bombarded with scent, be it thru perfumes in our toiletries, in our home cleaning products, while we window shop in stores or boutiques and even… Continue reading Clearing the air: scent and spa

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Peace Corp Application Update

"AshleyThank you for completing your application to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Your next step is to tell us what you would like to do in the Peace Corps. You are welcome to apply for any country of service where we can support your medical needs, and based on your Health History Form, you… Continue reading Peace Corp Application Update

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Pacifica Products

 I recently came across Pacifica Solid Perfume in the past few months. I ordered the Persian Rose and Indian Coconut Nectar Lotion Wipes and this is my review of both products. The scent is wonderful. However, it does not last long at all. It's gone in an hour. If you don't want to reapply it that… Continue reading Pacifica Products

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Push to ban microbeads from cosmetics gets a second wind

What are Microbeads? Without getting deep into the science behind their creation, microbeads are uniform polymer particles, typically 0.5 to 500 micrometres in diameter. Bio-reactive molecules can be adsorbed or coupled to their surface, and used to separate biological materials such as cells, proteins, or nucleic acids. What this means is that microbeads could be… Continue reading Push to ban microbeads from cosmetics gets a second wind