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Announcing Fruits, Nuts and Flakes: Massage and Bodywork Edition

Announcing Fruits, Nuts and Flakes: Massage and Bodywork Edition I have launched a kickstarter project to promote what I hope will be a welcome edition to massage publishing and education. I plan on it appealing to friends and foes of complimentary and alternative medicine and education, science and modernism. Please share your thoughts! I hope… Continue reading Announcing Fruits, Nuts and Flakes: Massage and Bodywork Edition

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Massage Envy

This Girl has been offered a job with Massage Envy! Several perks that I did not anticipate were offered for an out of state location and the local location is offering more per hour. I asked for ten days to respond which gives me time to look into license and insurance costs and renewals, housing… Continue reading Massage Envy

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My own Radio Show?

  Wow! I was approached earlier this month about hosting a radio show based around my Professional blog, Borderlands of Health and Wellness and possibly a smaller role for this blog on Spa! I am flattered to be honest and I would love to give it a try for at least a season to see… Continue reading My own Radio Show?

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The four best essential oils for depression

The four best essential oils for depression Ashley M Heidi Carter BS, LMT How often have you found yourself mildly depressed and chosen to lift your spirits by going shopping? How many times has a shopping trip turned into a visit to the salon or day spa for a haircut, highlight or polish change? It’s… Continue reading The four best essential oils for depression

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“We don’t need to control him, we need to unleash him.” – Advisors to Agamemmnon in TROY

I recently had the misfortune to have a public argument over what academics call nit picking with a sacred cow of the Massage community. This is a snippet from the middle of a discussion that began in a professional group for massage educators on Facebook, followed recommendations to contacting industry authorities for more information and… Continue reading “We don’t need to control him, we need to unleash him.” – Advisors to Agamemmnon in TROY

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Peace Corp Application Update

"AshleyThank you for completing your application to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Your next step is to tell us what you would like to do in the Peace Corps. You are welcome to apply for any country of service where we can support your medical needs, and based on your Health History Form, you… Continue reading Peace Corp Application Update

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Pacifica Products

 I recently came across Pacifica Solid Perfume in the past few months. I ordered the Persian Rose and Indian Coconut Nectar Lotion Wipes and this is my review of both products. The scent is wonderful. However, it does not last long at all. It's gone in an hour. If you don't want to reapply it that… Continue reading Pacifica Products

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Shinto Kami and Kamidana

 "…it is not only the divinities of Japanese sacred texts and myths that are considered as kami, for anything — humans, animals, trees, plants, rocks, mountains, seas — which appears impressive, inspires a sense of awe, or exhibits a life-force, may be a kami." - From Essays in IdlenessAmaterasu – Goddess of the sun and… Continue reading Shinto Kami and Kamidana

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This just in from Global Service Corps

This is the reply from GSC. I actually thought I asked for information about Thailand and not Cambodia but I may have indicated all of South East Asia. As soon as more information comes in I will share. Dear Ashley,Thank you for your interest in Global Service Corps’ Service-Learning Programs in Cambodia! Please find attached to this email overviews of our Cambodia… Continue reading This just in from Global Service Corps