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Announcing Fruits, Nuts and Flakes: Massage and Bodywork Edition

Announcing Fruits, Nuts and Flakes: Massage and Bodywork Edition I have launched a kickstarter project to promote what I hope will be a welcome edition to massage publishing and education. I plan on it appealing to friends and foes of complimentary and alternative medicine and education, science and modernism. Please share your thoughts! I hope… Continue reading Announcing Fruits, Nuts and Flakes: Massage and Bodywork Edition

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Siren Afire Reblog

  Suppplement by Amoret BriarRose You’re busy telling me about calcium phosphorus and calcium carbonate, how one will fill in spongy bones, making them brittle, canceling out the little spaces that give and bend. I watch your hands, how they flick over your coffee cup. Tomorrow, we will fight, and I will thank the gods, the… Continue reading Siren Afire Reblog

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The “Forget You” Haiku

Where is the dark seed that grows the "Forget You" plant? Searching, now I see It grows in the frozen heart of one who has murdered love. ~ the monk Sosei