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Announcing Fruits, Nuts and Flakes: Massage and Bodywork Edition

Announcing Fruits, Nuts and Flakes: Massage and Bodywork Edition I have launched a kickstarter project to promote what I hope will be a welcome edition to massage publishing and education. I plan on it appealing to friends and foes of complimentary and alternative medicine and education, science and modernism. Please share your thoughts! I hope… Continue reading Announcing Fruits, Nuts and Flakes: Massage and Bodywork Edition

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I just found a new site for Hair Color called ESalon and I think it's amazing!For 25.00 or under, they custom blend your chosen hair color and that includes shipping price.What ESalon has done, is to provide professional coloring products and professional colorist advice and support into a home delivery format which is simple but genius… Continue reading ESalon is AWESOME

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Pacifica Products

 I recently came across Pacifica Solid Perfume in the past few months. I ordered the Persian Rose and Indian Coconut Nectar Lotion Wipes and this is my review of both products. The scent is wonderful. However, it does not last long at all. It's gone in an hour. If you don't want to reapply it that… Continue reading Pacifica Products

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Salt Cave!

I was just doing some research on Cystic Fibrosis and came across this link from the UK. It's a website devoted to Salt Caves as a treatment option for various illnesses. Now I am not about to presume this is an effective treatment but Salt Caves did enter the Spa Industry about five years ago.… Continue reading Salt Cave!