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The Uncivilized Civil Bear

Anyone remember that 3 tech giants began providing testimony to Congress by court order earlier this week? As of midnight, November 5th, 2017, a check of my Twitter feed showed the most recent article on the matter had been shared a whopping 7 hours earlier. There was very little to be found aside from a… Continue reading The Uncivilized Civil Bear


The limits of militant modernism: Satanism 2016 Is Satanism more than human or just a modern day "Tartar Yoke"? The video above was filmed 2015 in Lansing Michigan on the steps of the State Capitol. I almost think I've seen it elsewhere and prior to 2015. I've never been in interested in Satanism or it's history. The history of domestic propaganda… Continue reading The limits of militant modernism: Satanism 2016

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The Vampire Facial: An assault on science or simple race baiting?

Back in 2013, Kim Kardashian tried the newest trend in esthetics, or so it may have seemed. The Vampire Facial. The Spa world responded discreetly and quickly renamed the procedure "microneedling." Count on MTV to showcase this attempt at cultural stereotyping and shoddy science. 19 year old teen bathes in pigs blood to retain her 'youth'… Continue reading The Vampire Facial: An assault on science or simple race baiting?