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Victorian straight jackets and the grief process

I've been giving some thought to the idea that there is a right or wrong way to grieve. We often think of grief, like any trauma as something to be bourne, making comments about having a stiff upper lip, or being proud of someone that they didn't break down in public. Obviously, for me to… Continue reading Victorian straight jackets and the grief process

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I was reading Freshly Pressed just a moment ago and came across this gem of wisdom from the post On the transgressive and provocative nature of Cards against Humanity: "the excitement of the game comes from the “the frisson of being deliberately provocative and transgressive.”  But experiencing frisson from deliberately doing something provocative only highlights… Continue reading Insight


Cheating and the Blame Game

I remember him asking me why I wanted to be with him once when in his words, I could have any man I wanted. All I knew at the time, was that I wanted him and he made me feel safe and connected to both past and future and that being with him again for… Continue reading Cheating and the Blame Game

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Utterly Devestated and Totally Numb

The relationship has been over for months. At least six. But the drama wore on. It began when we split up the first time last January. He is a recovered addict and at the time, was over worked by the rehab he worked for. He was doing payroll, HR, some grants, all kinds of things.… Continue reading Utterly Devestated and Totally Numb