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Absolute Values? Professionalism and manifestations of the individual

This is the first post of a four part series on professional development. The series will utilize the terms Massage Therapist, Masseur and Masseuse as a touchstone. Massage Therapy is a growing field of professional endeavor. As the last fifteen years have demonstrated, the creation of civic, secular infrastructure to consolidate and incorporate the profession,… Continue reading Absolute Values? Professionalism and manifestations of the individual

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Massage Envy

This Girl has been offered a job with Massage Envy! Several perks that I did not anticipate were offered for an out of state location and the local location is offering more per hour. I asked for ten days to respond which gives me time to look into license and insurance costs and renewals, housing… Continue reading Massage Envy

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My temp job is now permanent and other things to be grateful for

It's official: I have a job again. It's sad to say but only in this economy can a soon to be middle aged woman get excited about a part time job that will only provide less than 100.00 a week, but hey - I at least will be able to pay for my necessities, like rent (I live… Continue reading My temp job is now permanent and other things to be grateful for

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I landed an Internship!

I am tickled pink to report that I have gotten an internship with the Shoals area Chamber of Commerce. You can view the website here. It is full of great information about the area complete with maps and historical information about the Shoals, in addition to social media options and a searchable job bank. My readers may recall… Continue reading I landed an Internship!