Poetry for the moment

Is that the same moon? Is this the same old springtime, The same ancient spring? And is this not my body, The same body you once knew? - Ariwara no Narihira So many reasons Why I must question your love, Your sincerity: Now my sorrows fall like rain, Fall harder, gaining fury. Where shall I… Continue reading Poetry for the moment


On becoming

Originally titled "Things I would like to share with you" from Elephant Journal A man said to the universe: “Sir, I exist!” “However,” replied the universe, “The fact has not created in me A sense of obligation.” ~ Stephen Hart Crane, 1899   It has been the first desert of my life. I do not… Continue reading On becoming

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Absolute Values? Professionalism and manifestations of the individual

This is the first post of a four part series on professional development. The series will utilize the terms Massage Therapist, Masseur and Masseuse as a touchstone. Massage Therapy is a growing field of professional endeavor. As the last fifteen years have demonstrated, the creation of civic, secular infrastructure to consolidate and incorporate the profession,… Continue reading Absolute Values? Professionalism and manifestations of the individual

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Of Paradigm Shifts, Logical Fallacies and Process Philosophy

Step One "We admitted we were powerless over the New Age—that our Higher Selves had turned us into flakes." Step Two "Came to believe that a powerful bullshit detector could restore us to sanity." Step Three "Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of our lower selves and… Continue reading Of Paradigm Shifts, Logical Fallacies and Process Philosophy


20 Steps I will take after you leave: From Thought Catalog

1. If I could put all of the hurt you have caused me into you, you would cry. If you knew how it felt when you don’t answer, you would answer, every time. Even just friends need each other sometimes, you know. This is the first step. 2. 
And she wrote, today I miss you. Today,… Continue reading 20 Steps I will take after you leave: From Thought Catalog

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The “Forget You” Haiku

Where is the dark seed that grows the "Forget You" plant? Searching, now I see It grows in the frozen heart of one who has murdered love. ~ the monk Sosei

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Boredom: What is it and how should we respond?

What is Boredom? Why would anyone other than someone who is bored be interested about the topic? Why write about it unless your creating solutions to a problem? Could boredom ever be healthy? Boredom is a feeling first and foremost. It lies at the root of many illnesses, so many in fact, that the modern… Continue reading Boredom: What is it and how should we respond?