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Prophecy and Surfing

I read an article recently that suggested that one in ten Americans believe the world will end in their lifetime. Of course, this came from a UK tabloid so it's already got two strikes against it - one it's not coming from the States and two it's a tabloid paper, but I have to wonder… Continue reading Prophecy and Surfing

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You read that right. It’s Coign with a ‘g’

Coign: The external corner of a wall Also called cornerstone Also called keystone In printing, a metal or wooden wedge used to lock up type A wedge used any various other purposes such as elevating the muzzle of a cannon My Coign of Vantage. My corner. My worldview. My take. My coign of vantage. My… Continue reading You read that right. It’s Coign with a ‘g’