Lunar New Year 2017: the first weeks. 

If you've kept up with my blog recently you may have read my review of Marie Kondos The life changing magic of tidying up. Slowly I'm creating breathing room, wiggle room to "live" in.  I'm fragile these days. I began limiting my national and local news intake last week. I am allowing myself no more… Continue reading Lunar New Year 2017: the first weeks. 

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Victorian straight jackets and the grief process

I've been giving some thought to the idea that there is a right or wrong way to grieve. We often think of grief, like any trauma as something to be bourne, making comments about having a stiff upper lip, or being proud of someone that they didn't break down in public. Obviously, for me to… Continue reading Victorian straight jackets and the grief process

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I was reading Freshly Pressed just a moment ago and came across this gem of wisdom from the post On the transgressive and provocative nature of Cards against Humanity: "the excitement of the game comes from the “the frisson of being deliberately provocative and transgressive.”  But experiencing frisson from deliberately doing something provocative only highlights… Continue reading Insight


Tolerance for another’s pain

Well the cat is doing his best to comfort me the past few days. I appreciate him for it actually. I didn't realize I could lug him around like a stuffed animal and tuck him under my arm while I sleep but I can. And he'll tolerate me. I hadn't bothered before. Interesting fact.So about… Continue reading Tolerance for another’s pain