I'm waiting for The Unemployed Philosophers Guild to create Snowdon and Manning votive candles. I plan to make one of my own to take to the movie premiere. Yup, while it may have been love that gave birth to Chelsea Manning, it may also have simply been jealously. Why yes Ms. Manning, I'm broken hearted… Continue reading Snowdon….

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I was reading Freshly Pressed just a moment ago and came across this gem of wisdom from the post On the transgressive and provocative nature of Cards against Humanity: "the excitement of the game comes from the “the frisson of being deliberately provocative and transgressive.”  But experiencing frisson from deliberately doing something provocative only highlights… Continue reading Insight


His ‘finacee’ or as I have called her, the “Pity Fuck”

Lest anyone reading my accounting of this relationship think I have not gotten in a well timed blow or jab or two of my own, I am now going to account for my digs taken at his fiancée's expense.He last called me Jealous and I will state here for the record "Jealous of What?"  Jealous… Continue reading His ‘finacee’ or as I have called her, the “Pity Fuck”