Thought for the day: Historical Amnesia

http://steamboatinstitute.org Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska "Your always one generation away from the loss of freedom." "41% of Americans under 35 polled, believe the First Amendment is DANGEROUS." "In the Carter administration, the average duration at a firm was STILL 26 years." "The number one issue of concern in New Hampshire right now is drug… Continue reading Thought for the day: Historical Amnesia



Tonight's bedtime crossword puzzle contained the term "susswerzel." I was tickled enough to add it to my phone dictionary. Susswerzel. Suss is a term that means "to discover by thinking." To me it's an emotive term but I'm not 100% on why. It's something simple but my brain is tired. Wurzel is a term that… Continue reading Susswurzel….

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Boredom: What is it and how should we respond?

What is Boredom? Why would anyone other than someone who is bored be interested about the topic? Why write about it unless your creating solutions to a problem? Could boredom ever be healthy? Boredom is a feeling first and foremost. It lies at the root of many illnesses, so many in fact, that the modern… Continue reading Boredom: What is it and how should we respond?