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Aura Cacia Scents of Balance: Muladhara

  Aura Cacia is currently running a polished marketing campaign for their new roll on aromatherapy line based on the 7 chakras. Scents of Balance has great tips and ideas on their Chakra Journey Blog Their rolls on appear to be reasonably priced but they are a few dollars more than I would have expected depending on the retailer,… Continue reading Aura Cacia Scents of Balance: Muladhara

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Sex Work and Massage Terminology

To begin with, let me begin by noting I have been a licensed massage therapist for 17 years.Here is a sample of Professional Massage Therapists Views on Prostitution and how it impacts the Massage Industry: came across this article most recently: One of the biggest criticisms about the Spa Industry that comes from academics such as Kimberly… Continue reading Sex Work and Massage Terminology

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Emotional Healing

So I saw my therapist today and we were attempting to chart a course for my grief work since it's obviously been causing a problem when the relationship ended the second time in August. Blogging is part of that. I am going to have to make a conscious effort to grieve this loss. The way… Continue reading Emotional Healing

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Hot Stone Massage and What’s wrong with Mineral Stones?

Recently a polite young man approached an online group I am a part of with a simple question. What is better for massage: Hot Stones or Mineral Stones? I about fell out of my computer chair because to me there is only one real answer. Basalt Stones. I was and remain shocked that such a… Continue reading Hot Stone Massage and What’s wrong with Mineral Stones?

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Spas, Spa Evidence and Interdisciplinarity

An interdisciplinary approach can help spas and spa therapists better understand the framework of academic research paradigms and move toward a closer alignment with academic disciplines on which all research is based. By familiarizing themselves with the structures of American academia, spa management and spa therapists can integrate more evidenced based practices into their existing… Continue reading Spas, Spa Evidence and Interdisciplinarity