Socialist Realism: Examining the corpus of Body Vibes wellness claims

Have you heard of Body Vibes? Metaphysical and religious speculation aside of course. The words are somewhat counter to the prevalent drum beat of Trump Russia I know but I found Body Vibes website and their wellness products after a blurb on Gwen Paltrow over at CNN.

Then the “REAL scandal” broke around 8:30 p.m. Central time. It seems no less an artist than Salvador Dali will be exhumed from his grave following a PATERNITY CLAIM to get a DNA sample.

Oh. My. Gods. Where is Freud? Can you spot him amidst all the syncretic accretions of Post-Modern tripe?

Look at that but by all means, dont turn OFF the news yet. That’s only one Paltry legal battle. It seems no less an Icon than Southern Poverty Law Center is set to be SUED by a UK intellectual who claims the SPLC is guilty of defamation of character. Unsurprisingly, he’s Muslim. Also unsurprising is the tactful display of news articles from the last six months with titular reference to Surrealism in bi-polar balance from the NIH to The Financial Times.

Oh. My. Gods. Is the Spirit in the Sky or in the Vodka? 


Body Vibes may very well BE A SOLD OUT POLITICAL STUNT or *Gasp!* an ACT OF PROTEST!

Good-bye 4Chan Bullies who never grew up after that last 1969 trip down amnesia lane with Bill Ayers and The Weather Underground!  Be NOT Proud Anonymous! The dark haired stranger will either admit what women of my generation have known was IRRELEVANT FOR YEARS…Johnny Depps paternity is only surpassed by his art or proclaim that El Duce found a ruined bank in the Benghazi sands long ago, prior to 1939…with or without audio commentary from Julius Evola. 

It does seem that is ALL SOLD OUT of it’s recent forward thinking and progressive “offerings” to Bacchus. But vapes are still plentiful folks along with Cotton Candy Tobacco juice.

Oh Anonymous.

“My desire to please you Caesar is very slight. Though I greatly care to know if you are black or white?”  ~ Catallus

I most certainly can say some witty and mostly truthful things about Body Vibes, including that the idea has previously gotten air time courtsey of the BBC and David Tennant as Dr. Who in the reboot S3 E3 titled Gridlock. 

David Tennant folks. And Ms. Martha. Bill? Darling? Nardole’s Rebel Flesh may still be located in the depths of academia. Who would wager he is alone in a silent library?


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