Rebranding Reveal December 31st, 2017

For those of you who occasionally still visit this blog, Bless You! I'm Rebranding. I haven't decided if I will be exporting all content & deleting this site but its likely I will close this blog and ma ve to my Borderlands blog permanently. I have too much respect for readers and Wellness to not… Continue reading Rebranding Reveal December 31st, 2017

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The Uncivilized Civil Bear

Anyone remember that 3 tech giants began providing testimony to Congress by court order earlier this week? As of midnight, November 5th, 2017, a check of my Twitter feed showed the most recent article on the matter had been shared a whopping 7 hours earlier. There was very little to be found aside from a… Continue reading The Uncivilized Civil Bear

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Grey Hair and Fenimore Cooper 2017

In James Fenimore Coopers classic novel Last of the Mohicans, the native villan, Magua nicknames The English General "Grey Hair." Well, I've been called worse. And it just so happens I started going salt & pepper around 26. One grandmother wasnt even a true salt till she reached her 70's but the other was COMPLETELY… Continue reading Grey Hair and Fenimore Cooper 2017

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No DACA. No. 

"Proximate solutions to insoluable problems..."  ~ Cornell West on Reinhold Niebuhr 


Socialist Realism: Examining the corpus of Body Vibes wellness claims

Have you heard of Body Vibes? Metaphysical and religious speculation aside of course. The words are somewhat counter to the prevalent drum beat of Trump Russia I know but I found Body Vibes website and their wellness products after a blurb on Gwen Paltrow over at CNN. Then the “REAL scandal” broke around 8:30 p.m.… Continue reading Socialist Realism: Examining the corpus of Body Vibes wellness claims


The Aesthetics of Gracious Plenty: Part Two

I recently blogged at Borderlands of Health and Wellness about the ethical limits of handling tips among co-workers. The context arose when a guest recently had more than one service with two different service providers, praised each as she left, didn't complain during a voluntary survey BUT only left a gratuity FOR ONE of the… Continue reading The Aesthetics of Gracious Plenty: Part Two


Arizona State

​Occasionally LMT's professional growth and development curves lead them beyond bodywork practice. For those with an academic background, those encountering the limits of continuing education without a master's degree at the very least, and for prospective massage and bodywork students who intend to pursue research, this notice from Arizona State outlines one Avenue of approach. … Continue reading Arizona State


Historiography and the limits of naturalism: Thoughts on privacy, propaganda and free speech

I do feel secure in presuming that I'm not the only American who didn't vote in 2016. I also feel no guilt watching President Trump on TV, reading his Tweets, listening to his "alternative facts," or learning more about how his decisions and actions ruffle and offend my fellow human beings at home and abroad.… Continue reading Historiography and the limits of naturalism: Thoughts on privacy, propaganda and free speech


The Edge Challenge 2017: What scientific concepts deserve to be more widely known?

"When I am ready to write The End of History and The Last Woman" I WILL. AND NOT BEFORE.