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“Ask questions, start bands, start revolutions, write novels, feed others, draw on everything, show up for people, pay attention, live your life, fight for the rights of others to live theirs, and never stop playing your favorite songs.” 

— Automne Zingg

2016 Presidential Debate

I just turned on the final debate.
First thoughts:

* Hillary’s makeup artist and hairstylist are doing their job. Thumbs up folks. Eyeliner is excellent, shadow is on target and foundation appears airbrushed and diminishes smile lines. Eyeliner style does make her eyes appear smaller tho. 

* The Donald: His hair appears so fine at the front that from some angles it makes my 1 yr old flat screen TV appear to be low on pixels. Fuzzy is good description.

Substance of the debate: I tuned in during the gun control segment. Secretary Clinton quoted the figure of 3,300 preventable deaths a year. I honestly blanked out the upshot of Trumps response. My mind shifted to the “survival of the fittest” argument that both candidates have previously  struggled with.

More thoughts to come.

Living Sabai Nashville Thai Table Workshop

I finally found a continuing education class for my current Tennessee license cycle. Living Sabai will be providing Thai Table and Thai Foot courses on December 8th 2016 at The Cumberland Institute of Massage.

Eve Griffin my roommate in massage school, took a Thai class not long after we graduated. Thai massage ranks securely in the top five of my desired modalities I would like to study. I’m excited!

A Reason For Faith: History, Historiography and The Enlightenment


I am somewhat beside myself having found the above book by Laura Harris Hales.

History has long been touted as having a “redemptive” quality. It’s often the immediacy of our everyday lives that allows such a view point to flower long after we’ve turned out the lights at bedtime. The book A Reason for Faith, provided the footnotes and suggested readings go beyond the scope of the faith based subject matter, may be MY (non-Mormon) answer to prayer on a personal level. If this subconsciously desired “antidote” is indeed contained within even thru citations (footnotes) and recommended readings, I may yet at even this date, find a second sunrise.

Below are photographs of the inside cover flaps.



The Complimentary and Alternative Wellness Professions occupy a position in American society that like Mormon history and faith practice, often finds common ground with literary Romanticism. Navigating this intersection within Modernism is sometimes over simplified. When cultural practice that supports partial Church, State and economic separations is not defined,  “pseudo science” often  purports to “educate and inform” in the absence of information. The “cultural customs” of privacy Americans share can be both anti-intellectual as well as a blessing and curse.

While I’m not certain, this may be the first book of it’s kind. Wow!

Almost all 51 States now require licensure to practice Massage Therapy. I started my professional wellness career working for Marriott International, a company with Mormon roots and cultural investment. Hi y’all!! Thank you Laura Harris Hales.

Oh Lawd. I do see Paris, but it seems I’ve never seen France.

Over at Jason Colavito’s blog, he, as usual is bemoaning the Age of Balkanization. A recent target of his may be of note to practitioners and consumers of reflexology.

Colavito’s target is not a teacher or continuing education provider for reflexology in the United States. I have not researched her or the father in law whom Colavito took historical issue with. However, Mr. Colavito made her reflexology background part of his article headline.

The topic and subject matter clearly begs for a reply, which is why I refuse to not laugh.

That noted, CAM practitioners and consumers of reflexology and it’s history may find Mr. Colavito’s blog noteworthy as I have.

Several years ago, I blew a gasket with both Massage Warehouse and news outlet AlterNet over poorly chosen advertising venues and articles on fringe history and pseudo science, tied to CAM therapies in general. I have trolled Mr. Colavito’s blog ever since like a faithful drone overcome with unrequited affection.

While Mr. Colavito’s objections are independent from my own and his academic background in this regard does trump mine, I chose to voice my opinion and then mind my own business professionally since then.

I begin my paralegal associates studies later this month. I have indeed decided to forgo Graduate School in favor of something more personally meaningful and cost effective.

Please do stop by to visit Mr. Colavito. There is more to his subject matter than many of his critics will admit too in public and vice versa.

Shall We Dance? Nashville City Council opens debate on small scale Marijuana

I recently discovered that Nashville City Council voted to permit the entrance of a small scale “decriminalization and possession” of Marijuana measure into the committee proceedings.

If like me, the inner workings of government are unknown to you my readers, do note that the “first round” yes vote has not been reported as a victory. Yet. It’s a formality that moves the bill forward only.

Max Webers critics and his supporters may begrudgingly recall as I do, the national uproar that followed the advent of The Patriot Act and the resulting proliferation of the term “quagmire.”

A neighboring municipality (Clarksville) reported that the Nashville City Council will be exploring the decriminalization of one half ounce or less of Marijuana with civil fines of $50.00 or ten days of community service.

The only caveat mentioned is a linguistic issue. A “mere” matter of verb agreement with TELEOLOGICAL implications. The presumed “engine”, the “rub”, the “grain of sand”, the “hidden or occult” pea under the mattress my dears, is the five letter word SHALL.

Whom, DARE ANYONE ASK has had a MONOPOLY on this term for the last 2,000 years?

That’s right. SHALL.

The Clarksville paper stated that an objection was noted into the Council’s proceedings of the bill as written. The terminology was purported to POSSESS an ability (however latent or even INNATE) to HINDER THE DISCRETION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT.

You just noted the obvious.

The FUTURE Free Will (of uncontrolled variables ~ city employees) is subject to an abstraction that has no epistemological foundations.

Oh my. Is the public to presume that “progress is a myth” and why? Should we be shocked by the Council’s seeming deference to future wellbeing of recipients of the as yet nonexistent civil violation and those public servants who act for the law?

At present the bill would lower Marijuana possession penalties in small amounts to nothing more significant than a parking or traffic ticket. Should we presume any LESS courtesy given the Old South’s historical association with “archaic” customs, manners and all around gentility?

My paralegal education officially begins October 19th, 2016. Informally, it began less than an hour ago.


I’m waiting for The Unemployed Philosophers Guild to create Snowdon and Manning votive candles. I plan to make one of my own to take to the movie premiere.
Yup, while it may have been love that gave birth to Chelsea Manning, it may also have simply been jealously.

Why yes Ms. Manning, I’m broken hearted too.

Love to all.

Live like it matters 2016

If at first you don’t succeed: Those Bloody Greeks and the Absence of Pathology


The Greek Culture Ministry has announced that this summer’s excavation of the mainlands oldest temple to Zeus has FINALLY revealed a human corpse!


Oh Joy.


Let the militant clamoring begin.


Munchausen and Munchausen by Proxy: Check yourself before you wreck yourself

ago while reviewing “gas lighting.”

I have ordered a book written by a peer reviewed author cited by Pub Med on the subject.

Munchausen and it’s by proxy variant are classified as “factitious DISORDERS” which, can ONLY OR BEST BE CRITICIZED from a postmodern critique of IDEALISM. This solipsism or more “delicately” this, “essentialism” is POSSIBLY the only way INVASIONS of PRIVACY can JUSTIFY abuse of DERRIDA AND DECONSTRUCTION, as if they are OUTSIDE THE WESTERN CANNON OF LITERATURE. As if the author isn’t “Modern” himself.

Be advised of Trojans and their “offerings” when viewing such “Doppelgangers” in their natural habitats. Free Will killed Pompey when he sought sanctuary from Ptolemy’s heirs.

Just sayin’.


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