The Edge Challenge 2017: What scientific concepts deserve to be more widely known?

"When I am ready to write The End of History and The Last Woman" I WILL. AND NOT BEFORE.



I'm waiting for The Unemployed Philosophers Guild to create Snowdon and Manning votive candles. I plan to make one of my own to take to the movie premiere. Yup, while it may have been love that gave birth to Chelsea Manning, it may also have simply been jealously. Why yes Ms. Manning, I'm broken hearted… Continue reading Snowdon….

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Spas, Spa Evidence and Interdisciplinarity

An interdisciplinary approach can help spas and spa therapists better understand the framework of academic research paradigms and move toward a closer alignment with academic disciplines on which all research is based. By familiarizing themselves with the structures of American academia, spa management and spa therapists can integrate more evidenced based practices into their existing… Continue reading Spas, Spa Evidence and Interdisciplinarity