The Edge Challenge 2017: What scientific concepts deserve to be more widely known?

"When I am ready to write The End of History and The Last Woman" I WILL. AND NOT BEFORE.


The Satanic Verses or Secular “Apologetics?”

I was reminded today of two different movie dialogues, both of which were spoken by seasoned comedians. One was indeed a comedy but the other was a tragedy. The lives of each comic have followed the courses laid out in those films more or less. Bill Murray in the comedy Stripes has a line where… Continue reading The Satanic Verses or Secular “Apologetics?”

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Teaching the Controversy

I came across a great article from The Wild Hunt at Patheos about the new wave of 'Teach the Controversy' propaganda being put out by the religious wackos of our age. I will not step into the muddy water that is the very source of the problem by stereotyping religious wackos as Republican or Democrat,… Continue reading Teaching the Controversy