November 9th.

The 2016 election is just beginning as I create the first draft of this post.The contenders are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Some States opened their polls a scant 13 minutes ago. I am not registered to vote. And I am not alone. I will not throw my unregistered voter status in the faces of… Continue reading November 9th.


The Satanic Verses or Secular “Apologetics?”

I was reminded today of two different movie dialogues, both of which were spoken by seasoned comedians. One was indeed a comedy but the other was a tragedy. The lives of each comic have followed the courses laid out in those films more or less. Bill Murray in the comedy Stripes has a line where… Continue reading The Satanic Verses or Secular “Apologetics?”

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Boredom: What is it and how should we respond?

What is Boredom? Why would anyone other than someone who is bored be interested about the topic? Why write about it unless your creating solutions to a problem? Could boredom ever be healthy? Boredom is a feeling first and foremost. It lies at the root of many illnesses, so many in fact, that the modern… Continue reading Boredom: What is it and how should we respond?

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20 ‘secrets’ a massage therapist ‘knows’ about your body?

Have a look at this article and if you have a question, post it below and I will answer. 20 'secrets' a massage therapist 'knows' about your body

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Crazywise: A new documentary film about Mental Illness and Shamanism

http://youtu.be/rDks1H2bzbo This looks like a profound film. I would love to see it and to volunteer my time in some way if possible. Watch the video and if you are so inclined, visit the Kickstarter campaign page here to donate even a dollar.