WTF? “Mother! Must you always have a needle in hand?”

I saw the new Allied trailer last night and immediately, I thought of Ralph Fiennes. Who is "channeling" whom? I loved The English Patient folks. Still do. I also can still quote the screenplay for Interview with the Vampire. Something is sketchy film goers, let us all ponder. Where is Ralph, as his brother asked… Continue reading WTF? “Mother! Must you always have a needle in hand?”



Tonight's bedtime crossword puzzle contained the term "susswerzel." I was tickled enough to add it to my phone dictionary. Susswerzel. Suss is a term that means "to discover by thinking." To me it's an emotive term but I'm not 100% on why. It's something simple but my brain is tired. Wurzel is a term that… Continue reading Susswurzel….