Like many of us around the world, I'm watching President elect Trumps press conference. Am I the only one staggering over the idealism in play? Apparently not: this news conference is being held in part over stock market fluctuations related to some of his comments. I'm not ready to speak to what I'm hearing point… Continue reading REPEAL AND REPLACE: “We’re doing THE DEMOCRATS A SERVICE.”


Respect Yourself 2017: The Kon Mari Method

Marie Kondo's book The life changing magic of tidying up became a best seller not too many years ago. She followed up with a guide book titled Spark Joy: an illustrated master class on the art of organizing and tidying up. I picked up her guide book last November and I'm slowly putting her method… Continue reading Respect Yourself 2017: The Kon Mari Method


Thought for the day: Historical Amnesia

http://steamboatinstitute.org Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska "Your always one generation away from the loss of freedom." "41% of Americans under 35 polled, believe the First Amendment is DANGEROUS." "In the Carter administration, the average duration at a firm was STILL 26 years." "The number one issue of concern in New Hampshire right now is drug… Continue reading Thought for the day: Historical Amnesia


The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin Review

Random Musings: Global Decentralized Money is real...? I'm sitting in bed, watching The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin. I've had a small business idea brewing for awhile. I remember seeing a news blip in 2013 about the first bitcoin crash. I'm truly stunned at how far it's come. There is SO MUCH information in this… Continue reading The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin Review


WTF? “Mother! Must you always have a needle in hand?”

I saw the new Allied trailer last night and immediately, I thought of Ralph Fiennes. Who is "channeling" whom? I loved The English Patient folks. Still do. I also can still quote the screenplay for Interview with the Vampire. Something is sketchy film goers, let us all ponder. Where is Ralph, as his brother asked… Continue reading WTF? “Mother! Must you always have a needle in hand?”

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Product Reviews: Murad Active Radiance Serum

I've been working for Massage Envy just shy of two years. Massage Envy uses Murad skin and body care products exclusively and so far, the only Murad product line I've tried is Environmental Shield. Why only one? Because it's that good. I rely on public transportation. This means that I am exposed to harsher elements… Continue reading Product Reviews: Murad Active Radiance Serum


November 9th.

The 2016 election is just beginning as I create the first draft of this post.The contenders are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Some States opened their polls a scant 13 minutes ago. I am not registered to vote. And I am not alone. I will not throw my unregistered voter status in the faces of… Continue reading November 9th.



Tonight's bedtime crossword puzzle contained the term "susswerzel." I was tickled enough to add it to my phone dictionary. Susswerzel. Suss is a term that means "to discover by thinking." To me it's an emotive term but I'm not 100% on why. It's something simple but my brain is tired. Wurzel is a term that… Continue reading Susswurzel….


2016 Presidential Debate

I just turned on the final debate. First thoughts: * Hillary's makeup artist and hairstylist are doing their job. Thumbs up folks. Eyeliner is excellent, shadow is on target and foundation appears airbrushed and diminishes smile lines. Eyeliner style does make her eyes appear smaller tho.  * The Donald: His hair appears so fine at… Continue reading 2016 Presidential Debate