Flashback 2015: Apothecanna’s THC infused Spa products

Where there's smoke there is fire and the cannabis cloud over Colorado appears to be lingering like smog on a otherwise clear day. Cannabis proponent Apothecanna has positioned itself beyond the pale, as an adjunct measure in pain management and only time will tell if they can remain straight enough to keep their wellness branding intact. I wrote… Continue reading Flashback 2015: Apothecanna’s THC infused Spa products

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Caldrea Aromatherapeutic Housekeeping

I came across Caldrea by accident about eight years ago. I was shopping in Target and saw a shelf of clearance items with cleaning products. I got a sweet deal on a full size counter-top spray and refill. I believe I spent less than eight dollars for both. Since that time, I have come across… Continue reading Caldrea Aromatherapeutic Housekeeping

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Kalahari Spa Products

Out of Africa! I do love the mystique of Safari... I just came across Kalahari Spa Products website recently and the line looks wonderful! I definitely want to order a product or two to try them out. The website design is fabulous and expertly crafted. My only criticism is that the sunlight image on the… Continue reading Kalahari Spa Products